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Hello, before we get to the serious part of what I have done.
The XYZ, PDQ, AB, and C, blah blah, blah, let me first tell you
a little about me, after all this is My First introduction to you. 


I'm Mark, AKA, "Trace," AKA, "Bear" AKA, "Goodtimes".

I'm a lover of things and experiences, creativity, shoes, skateboarding,

BMX, cooking, fishing, poker, innovation, and most of all culture.

I am a dreamer, and I am always looking for the beauty in everything.
The creative nuggets, the one thing that pulls it all together, and makes
me appreciate the harmony inside of a person, place, thing or idea.


I try to inspire and instill harmony in everything I do and everyone
I come across. I guess you can say it is sort of my
creative philosophy and how I approach my work and life. 


Make it easy, make it smooth, make it fun and
make it harmonious, and it will all come together. 


Now the serious stuff...


Over 18+ years’ experience delivering creative solutions to
top-global brands, extensive knowledge in experiential,
activation, digital, social, film and photo shoots, campaign big idea generation and proven excellence in driving brand activation through-the-line.  


To find out even more about my skills that pay the bills

click below to download my CV 👇





Tel. +44 (0)7576207031

Email. mark@markwernercd.com

46A Cheshire Street, 
London, E2 6EH





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